Friday, 26 April 2013

Voting for mosques


            - a message to the residents of Worcester Park


For decades Labour, the Tories and Liberal-Democrats have actively promoted mass-immigration to Britain. Indeed they’ve even accelerated the process since 1997  during which time net immigration has exceeded 3 million, and it is still running at over 260,000 a year - truly staggering figures. The immigrants bring with them their many cultures and beliefs, most prominent of which are the millions of Muslims who want mosques, Islamic centres and madrassass (exclusive religious schools) which are part and parcel of their way of life. The most apparent are the mosques which are increasingly dominating our towns and suburbs. We are rapidly becoming foreigners in our own country.


Is this what you want? Is this what you voted for?

Well if you vote Tory, Labour or Liberal-Democrat (it makes no difference which), you are voting for immigration and the steady erosion of our culture and way of life. Even UKIP is only opposed to immigration from Europe and only for the next five years and they don’t oppose more mosques. Opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of Britons are deeply unhappy about what’s happening but neither Lib,Lab&Con nor UKIP will even discuss the issue; they simply don’t care.


Our overcrowded country

As the fourth most densely populated country in the world England is grossly overcrowded and immigration is making it worse. There is a chronic and worsening housing shortage, so much so that most young British people cannot buy even the smallest of starter homes now until they are well into their 30s, and there is pressure to build on green-field sites. Young people have to compete with immigrants for jobs, and wages and salaries are being depressed to below a living income for many as a result.

Immigration also means we have to import ever more food and energy, that our schools and hospitals are increasingly overloaded and that our transport system is becoming ever more congested and unpleasant.

Worcester Park


We still, just about, have the right to maintain the British identity of this, our country.
Do You really want a Mosque in Worcester Park?

Is this what you’ll be voting for in the future?


Some, of the many other issues, that also need addressing:

Improve our health service The NHS is under strain. Despite a near doubling of funds in recent years it is still overloaded and standards are still inadequate. This is because it is burdened by the high rate of immigration, ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘health tourists’ using it who haven’t contributed to it, and because its management structure is overblown.

It still also over-relies on cheap foreign doctors and nurses, many of whom have questionable qualifications and a poor command of English. We would refuse all but emergency treatment to those not entitled to it, reform the management structure, and increase the number of training places for British doctors and nurses sufficient to provide fully for all the NHS’s future needs.

Restore law & order       The police should concentrate on real crime without the fear of opportunistic accusations of “racism”. And the legal system needs to back them up with substantial prison sentences and abolition of remission and parole. We also need the return of capital punishment for terrorism and premeditated murder where proof is beyond any doubt. Otherwise, ‘Life’ should mean life.


Revive British industry         We would re-establish British ownership and control of our industry and nurture its renewal by introducing selective tariffs against foreign goods - as most successful economies do! Standards of quality and efficiency need to improve, with high quality education and apprenticeships as exist in most other European countries, to create a prosperous high wage economy.


The National Front - Putting Britain first
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